One-to-one instruction

The Art of One-To-One Education

Futures Academy is over 30 years strong. Parents continue to turn to us to find academic and personal success for their children because our one-to-one teaching model along with small group classes works.

Our classrooms are based on the art and science of one-to-one instruction. The science originated with Dr. Karen Bishop and Dr. Bloom’s research showing that pacing instruction to each student’s individual needs improves learning outcomes dramatically. In the one student to one teacher model, there are no distractions, no noise, and no interruptions.

Click on the short video below to hear from our students and families how one-to-one instruction has made a difference in their learning outcomes. 

one on one instruction

Our teachers provide the art of one-to-one instruction.

Our teachers customize learning plans and tailor content to each student’s interests, which draws students into learning and builds engagement. Most importantly, our teachers adjust pacing of instruction to ensure students master the material before moving forward – so there is no falling behind. We call our teachers ‘transformational teachers’ because they truly transform a student’s learning experience.

personalized instruction

We pioneered the one-to-one teaching model over 30 years ago and are leaders in teaching innovatively. We rapidly adopt new technologies and techniques to make the classroom experience memorable and to make our next 30 years even stronger.

The one-to-one is key. My son always struggled with more advanced math and only became successful when we got him out of the 35 to 40 plus student classroom.
- Ms. E